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Kids Toothpaste

Jordan kids toothpaste 0-5 years strawberry flavour

Jordan Step 1 Kids Toothpaste 0-5 Years

Milk Teeth

Your child’s first teeth require special care. That is why we’ve developed this toothpaste especially for Kids 0-5 years with a low fluoride level, gentle silica and no SLS or Sulphate.

Kids first teeth have much thinner enamel than adults, so using less silica is really important as it’s less abrasive. Kids also have twice as many taste buds as adults so they don’t like strong or bitter tastes.

Jordan Step 1 Milk Teeth is a gentle tasting toothpaste that kids will love - extensive taste tests lead to developing a mild strawberry taste specifically for first time users 0-5 yrs.

Available in a generous 75g tube.

Children have twice as many taste buds as adults. Jordan’s new series of toothpaste have a mild, fruity taste that kids love. The gentle and effective toothpaste is specially formulated to protect children’s teeth against cavities.